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Borderlands - Conversations in the spaces between Church and Society

Introduction to Borderlands and Pilot Conversations

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The boundary between the church and the outside world is much broader than we realize.  It is an everyman’s land which people traverse continually, led in one direction or the other by their compelling convictions.  The rich diversity of perspectives that compose journeys of faith include sometimes unpredictable, confusing, excruciating, and marvelous chapters of human experience.  If movement is the essence of life, then belief (found and lost) is the compass that determines direction.   Borderlands is a series of insightful conversations with ordinary people navigating life on the borders of church and society.

A brief summary of the Borderlands Pilot Interviews

Mike- His father’s suffering fueled anger and resentment toward the God he thought he knew.  But when answers to his deepest questions came from the least expected place, he discovered his peace -and much more.